I am Gary Gagliardi, an award-winning author and translator. I write weekly articles on the competitive strategy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War and on the words of Jesus Christ on my two Substack sites. I also write and update daily articles at ChristsWords.com on how the humor, drama, and meaning of his teaching has been lost in poor translation.

My strategy work focuses on making it practical for improving everyone's everyday lives. My translation of Jesus 's words focuses on how listeners would have heard him in the language of the times (before two thousand years of interpretation) and word-for-word accuracy.

Among my accomplishments are:

  • Over forty books on technology, business, marketing, and self-help, based upon Sun Tzu's The Art of War. 
  • The only award-winning translation of The Art of War showing my English translation side-by-side with the original each Chinese character transliterated. 
  • A published stage play in which Jesus's Sermon on the Mount is more accurately represented as a dialogue with his listeners. 
  • Ten books winning award recognition in eleven different non-fiction categories,
  • Founder/CEO an INC. 500 software company with offices across the U.S. and in Europe,
  • Hundreds of radio and TV shows appearances all across the country as a strategy expert commenting on topics ranging from politics to terrorism.
  • My books have been translated into a dozen different languages and published around the world.
  • Speaking and training the employees of some of the world's largest organizations in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, including the organizations listed in the far right-hand column.
  • Winning a lifetime certification in computer data-processing from ICCP, 
  • An alumnus of the Harvard Graduate School of Business.

A Brief Biography:

Currently, most of my time goes translating Jesus's words and identifying translation errors in both the original English translations (the King James Version) and more modern translations (the New International Version). I am currently finishing my first novel based on Jesus's Sermon on the Mount that captures the humor and drama of how his words would have been heard at the time. My first stage play, We Saw His Sermon on the Mount, was published by Eldridge, the leading publisher of Christian plays and musicals.

I also write weekly articles on practical strategy and Jesus's words on my Substack and post on X.com. 

My Golden Key Strategy and dozens of other books have helped hundreds of thousands of people make better competitive decisions in their everyday lives. My work is based on my award-winning English translation of Sun Tzu's The Art of War.

Prior to becoming a multiple award-winning author and translator, I was a successful high-tech entrepreneur, as the founder and CEO of an Inc. 500 company.  

After a quick rise in corporate sales and marketing management first at Bic Pen and then at Tandy Corporation, I started FourGen Software in the 1980s. As its award-winning CEO, I led FourGen for over fourteen years of growth to become one of America's Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in America. We sold flexible order entry applications to large corporations.

After selling FourGen in 1997, I was invited to speak on the competitive strategies of Sun Tzu to organizations around the world. Several business magazine wrote about my use of Sun Tzu in I was building my company and selling our products. In working with my corporate clients and other organizations, I authored a number of books using Sun Tzu's concepts in modern competition. Ten of my books have won award-recognition in seven different non-fiction categories, including the Ben Franklin Award for the Best Self-Help Book for the Golden Key to Strategy. my original English translation of Sun Tzu's The Art of War is the only award-winning English translation of Sun Tzu.  My books led to audios, videos, and online training site certifying people's understanding of Sun Tzu's strategy.

The Science of Strategy Institute: I am the founder of the Science of Strategy Institute, a professional organization dedicated to training people in Sun Tzu's Golden Key Strategy. The institude sells all my on-line training and is currently run by one of my most successful students, Shawn Front, the owner of his own political strategy business.

The Institute focuses on the concept of "winning without conflict," that is making productive instead of destructive competitive decisions. Professional strategy trainers all over the world use the Institute's lessons and exercises to teach traditional strategic methods. Because of my work, hundreds of thousands of people use the secrets of productive rather than destructive competition every day both in their professional and personal lives.

Jesus's Words: For over 15 years, I have also been working on translating Christ's words from the original Greek of the Gospels to reveal what is lost in English translation. So far, I have spent bout 10,000 hourse studying and analyzing the Greek of Jesus's words.  Visit ChristWords.com to see my work in that area. You can read today's verse or see the actual Greek of a particular verse that interests you. 

This work is the basis for my new focus, writing novels and plays that recreate the world in which Jesus. This world is seen through the eyes of people who saw him teach.