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About Prayer

About Christianity

In discussing history, I said that there was something odd about Christianity and its affect on history.  This isn't only my conclusion, but a common conclusion among those studying history and the development of civilization, both among those who love Christianity and hate it. 

About Free Will

Life is ambiguous.  Ambiguity is woven into each quantum of the cosmos.  These quanta are neither particles nor waves, but both and neither.  Does nature indicate a Creator?  It does and it doesn’t.  Is that possible Creator a personal God involved with mankind or indifferent, distant unknowable mystery?  The answer again is both and neither.  Does our consciousness survive death?  Maybe and may be not. 

About Self-Awareness

About the Universe

Personal Philosophy

[These articles were originally written in a series of email to my daughter, Amanda.]

Strategy teaches that a philosophy makes up the core of every strategic position. For those interested, here is the core of my personal philosophy.

My Brief History of How I Started Teaching of Sun Tzu's Strategy

I started studying Sun Tzu when I was an aimless college dropout working in sales. After I began to apply its lessons to selling, I began getting promoted at an average of every eight months with larger and larger companies until I started my one software company.

I started teaching Sun Tzu to the salespeople in my software company. I had been using  using these principles to advance my own sales and marketing career and wanted them to understand how I saw competition. I wrote my first adaptation of Sun Tzu, The Art of Sales, for my salespeople.

Strategy and Cancer

I get a lot of questions about how Sun Tzu's strategy helped me conquer cancer. I originally  wrote this article on my strategy blog in response to a reader's question.

First, it would be inaccurate to say that I “healed myself” with strategy. I used the principles of strategy to make good choices that have allowed me to survive. This experience inspired me to offer my books to a larger audience outside the corporate world where I had been working for years. Others may find it of interest.

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