Books On Technology

You may have heard Gary's name as an author in computers and technology. Yes, it is the same Gary Gagliardi. Gary wrote a number of books about computers, information management, and high technology the first published by Bantam Book and others by Addison-Wellesley. However, after seeing how quickly these books became outdated, he wanted to concentrate on ideas that are timeless. 

lient/Server - Mainframe Downsizing 1994
Published by Prentice Hall (Simon Schuster)
Makron Books (Spanish)
Ohmsha (Japanese)

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Software Consulting and  Art of Sales and Way of Business published by FourGen - 1989

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Fast and Friendly Computer Guides Published by Bantam Books 1984

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Small Computer published by Addison-Welsey (Lifetime Learning) 1983

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